Future Focus - Making Sense of Our Confusing World

GOVERN for IMPACT has a very valued relationship with Ruben Nelson, one of Canada's leading futurists. Ruben has spoken at GOVERN's annual conferences and provided multiple workshops to bring insights regarding the links between future thinking and making sense of our rapidly changing, confusing world... and the role of excellent governance in leading change.

Ruben has outlined in the note below a series of resources that can assist the reader, the explorer with insights to these challenging topics.  We express our appreciation to Ruben for his work in sharing these resources and his annotated listing with our GOVERN community.  One of Ruben's roles is to serve as Executive Director of Foresight Canada, Courageous Guidance for Transforming Change.  Enjoy!

Watch for the launch of our GOVERN collaboration with Ruben Nelson in our upcoming ongoing online chat/hub/learning community which will be an ongoing conversation on Making Sense of Our Confusing World - Future Focus.  More information to come in the future.

 Karen Fryday-Field


Resources for Making Reliable Sense of Our Confusing World