Nominations Process to GOVERN Board of Directors

Nomination to the GOVERN board of directors is an open selection process.


Any Individual Affiliate in good standing (dues up-to-date) or individual from an Organizational Affiliate in good standing can nominate himself or herself or be nominated by another Affiliate in good standing.  Except for associate non-voting members or director-at-large member, the nominee must have attended the Carver Policy Governance AcademyTM or have graduated from the Policy Governance ProficiencyTM program.

Nomination Process and Board Election Timeline

Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting in June. Prospective board members may be nominated by both association Affiliates and the board itself. Call for Nominations will be sent to all Individual Affiliates and Group Affiliates at least 60 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting.  The list of candidates must be available to Affiliates 30 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations from the floor will not be accepted. 

Before completing the final list of candidates, a member or members from the nomination committee from the board will have discussions with all nominees to discuss their motivation to be a candidate, check on necessary credentials, and the balance in the board on the characteristics and perspectives that the current board is seeking. Apart from the criteria on Academy or PGP attendance, this conversation does not compromise the right of nominees to be part of an election during the AGM. 

Nominees for election will be asked to give a presentation, of no more than 3 minutes, at the AGM. This presentation should address the nominee’s background and reasons for wanting to be on the board. Where a nominee is unable to attend the AGM, it is possible to arrange for someone to speak on their behalf, or use a video message than can be played during the AGM.

Proxy voting will be accepted on the written authorization of the full Affiliate giving the proxy.  If the number of candidates for board positions is not greater than the number of positions open, the candidates will be considered elected by acclamation.