Govern for Impact's Outward Facing Vision

Driven by the belief in our human potential to address pressing societal challenges, Govern For Impact sees excellence in organizational board governance across all sectors as essential to bringing about a better future for all. Businesses, nonprofits or NGOs, and governmental entities embody the values of individuals and communities they serve or represent, be they financial, moral, religious or social. As such, we entrust governing boards to champion and safeguard the wellbeing of our shared world, locally and globally.


For organizations to enhance people’s lives and society as a whole, their boards must operate responsibly, ethically, and with a clear commitment to the greater good. It is paramount that governing bodies be fully accountable to the individuals and communities on whose behalf they govern. Boards must adhere to standards of integrity and excellence, pursue a higher purpose, and embrace diverse opinions while ultimately speaking in one voice. Within this system of values, when boards properly delegate authority to their executive officers and govern risk judiciously, they enable optimal organizational performance, innovation and resilience. OUTWARD-FACING VISION Informed by principles of the Policy Governance® model, Govern For Impact will work to define excellence in governance through deeper understanding of integrated governance systems. We will mobilize and support a global community of learning and practice in the field, examine and disseminate principled, owner-accountable board governance systems and advocate for their adoption and evolution.


Through the efforts of Govern For Impact, boards of all types will be inspired to govern with excellence, helping to create thriving organizations and communities in service to our common humanity.


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