What Do Former IGPA/GOVERN Board Members Say?

Being a member of the IPGA board means working alongside really great people who are up to something very important – ensuring that we all learn all there is to learn from Policy Governance and are part of its evolution.  I so enjoy the board’s energy and commitment – it’s inspiring.”  - Caroline Oliver

“My time on the IPGA Board has been of great benefit to me. Working behind the scenes with some of the most experienced PG practitioners and consultants (not to mention the Carvers) has expanded my knowledge and sharpened my skills.  As a practitioner in a small country in the Southern Hemisphere it has also greatly reduced my sense of “PG isolation”.  I hope my involvement has also benefitted the IPGA, and moved us closer to having a truly global reach.”  - Steve Osborne

“Being a part of this board which meets ‘face to face’ on video monthly was to be part of an amazingly smart and deeply thoughtful team, and committed to stewarding the organization to continuing relevance was both inspiring and humbling. I learned many lessons about how it is possible to effectively use Policy Governance, even in a small organization, with volunteer leadership, to enable an organization to make a difference. Highly recommended experience.” - Rose Mercier

"Participating as part of IPGA's initial Board afforded me the opportunity to help steward and steer our organization in its early years.  The time commitment was rewarded with, in addition to that intrinsic gratification, further developing valued relationships with professional colleagues from throughout North America and Europe." - Bill Charney

“While challenging at times, it has been a great practical learning opportunity, using the framework of the model to govern in real time on a real board and in so doing deepen my understanding of it.” - Eric Craymer

“I learned what it felt like to struggle not to advise the CEO, to assess a monitoring report, to write Ends from a board member perspective and not a consultant perspective.   Membership on the IPGA board presents a unique opportunity to work with high calibre colleagues on the very "stuff" we are all trying to teach or implement - how much better could that be? “ - Carol Gabanna

"Serving on the IPGA board was an opportunity to give back to the Policy Governance community and help expand its influence.  But more than anything it was an exercise in humility, I believe made me a better consultant for having experienced the challenges of applying the model from the "inside out.” - Jannice Moore

“Service on the IPGA board has absolutely helped me understand the model from an entirely different perspective.  It was also a deep self-learning experience in my own collaborative leadership abilities.  You can’t get this kind of education in any workshop!”  - Sue Radwan

 “The ongoing challenge as a group was to be the fullest expression of what is possible in governing consistent with Policy Governance. To distinguish, confront and deal with that challenge in my time on the board has been invaluable in my understanding of a user’s perspective.” - Linda Stier